Who are we?

J E Star, Inc. is a nonprofit agency that strives to help people live a better life. We utilize various resources throughout the community and beyond to help families navigate through any issues that hinder their pursuit of happiness. Whether it be connecting families and individuals to financial services, assistance with credit improvement, or finding housing and achieving homeownership, we will assist.

Our program for a better life begins with a free consultation. We learn about the desires and goals of our potential clients so that we can better support them.

The Home Ownership Program

Have you ever wanted to own your own home but received rejection from lenders? Or maybe you are a first-time home buyer and you just don't know where to start. . .

We have the program for you!


  • Begin with our free credit audit

  • For a small fee, we work to improve your credit (the fee covers postage and printing)

  • Once your credit is at an acceptable level, we work on your financial profile

  • Next we work with a preferred mortgage broker who will guide you through loan pre-approval.

  • We then use our real estate agents to assist you in finding and closing on a home.

Subscribe to our credit improvement program if you desire to improve your credit.

This is a nonjudgmental way to begin your future! Why subscribe?

  • We are background checked by the state of Texas.

  • We keep information confidential and secure.

  • Our software allows you to log in and see exactly how your file is progressing and what is being done to help you.

  • Our cost is lower than most credit repair agencies because we are a nonprofit agency. We basically charge for postage and printing.

  • We want you to pay less for the things that you want whether it be additional credit, a car or a new home.

  • We are a full service company. We will help you from beginning to the end of the home qualification process and to the end of the process by actually assisting you with finding you a desirable home.

We also offer a FREE CREDIT ANALYSIS. If you are not sure about starting the full credit program, we will still help you understand your credit and what needs to be done to get you back on track.

  • Click on the Free Credit Audit link in the website below. Or give us a call/text if you have questions.


Meet the head of our real estate team.

I will work with you to find the perfect home.

Our clients are entered into monthly prize drawings. Win gift cards and other items. It's free!